Added Benefits

Lease Free Copiers For Charities from Copycare

All you pay for are the copies

ella forums members are welcome to take advantage of Copycare’s service and unique, 90-day flexible scheme, Latitude for charities.  It has been running for 21 years and it’s ideal for those wanting copiers and printers without signing inflexible leases.

Copycare provides copiers and printers to Not for Profit Organisations across the UK for free and all they pay for is copies – all toners, calls and parts are included free too.

There is NO LEASE.  Termination can be served at any time giving only 90-Days’ notice. This means folk can have confidence in staying with Copycare for as long as they are happy – not because of a contract. 

There is no rental charge and the sliding scale of charges for copies take care of calls, parts and toners.

Replacement machines are also provided without charge, whenever necessary. You never have to suffer the frustration of waiting until the end of a lease. This means the simple scheme has been stress free for all concerned and often a valuable resource for The Voluntary Sector.

If you are interested please apply via the Copycare
website quoting ELLA.