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  • 05th Jun
    An Ella Response To The Recent Evil Attacks

    Like me, I am sure that many of you have been glued to the reports of the attacks in London and Manchester and the responses from our government leadership which gets caught up with electioneering for our vote on Thursday.

    Many of you may have watched the incredible concert in Manchester, an event which underlined the strength of community.

    The development of communities who have their main value as love, rather than hate, is perhaps something that we can all do to develop a society that can make the world a better place.

    Our vision[...]

  • 05th Jun
    We are more powerful together.

    ELLA Unlimited brings together two pieces of work from the last 25 years combining the Academy for Chief Executives (ACE) and the Experiential Leadership and Learning Academy (ELLA).  We have recognized that the learning for both groups is dramatic.  We achieve that by using processes tried and tested by ACE and ELLA.

    ELLA unlimited brings the two groups of leaders together, charity and commercial, so both can benefit from the value of the processes at affordable prices.  It is harder to be a Chief Executive of a charity than that of a “for a Profit[...]

  • 03th May
    The Power Of Purpose




    It has been proved! The Social Return on Investment study shows key learning from our members.  They have confirmed our purpose – that leadership flourishes when the chief executive has confidence with modest and secure self-esteem.  This enables their team’s performance to be enhanced and replicated, satisfying a larger cohort of beneficiaries.

    Ella grew in 2016, working with more organisations, but also experienced financial challenges.  Happily,[...]

  • 27th Mar
    March Newsletter Update

    I am delighted to announce that Ella membership is going from strength to strength and we have more than doubled the number of operating groups in the first three months of 2017 with some 18 groups meeting every month. I want to thank all those chairs and support staff for some magnificent work under difficult circumstance.

    It great to see the members getting such wonderful value and love. Thank you all.

    I am also able to give you some new information on the launch of ELLA UNLIMITED. These will be groups that will include both[...]

  • 27th Mar
    Hello from our new Director of Marketing

    Hello everyone, I am very happy to say hello in my new role as Director of Marketing for ella forums and as a new member of the board of the CIC.  It’s a part time role to help bring focus to growing our membership.  You will be seeing and hearing from me as we gather your stories, photos and thoughts to let the world know what an amazing job you all do.  Please get in touch by email or phone.  Love and best wishes to you all.

    Photo©John Cassidy The Headshot Guy® www.theheadshotguy.co.uk[...]</p>
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    Who really is the boss in your organisation?


    I’ve worked for myself now for almost 30 years. Apart from my wife, there is nobody to tell me what to do. This gives me the freedom to follow my nose and get involved with projects that interest me. It also means there is nobody to turn to when confronted by challenge. I have to rely on my own judgement, experience and ability to seek advice.

    Over the years I’ve been on a number of Boards, both as a charity Trustee and also as shareholder in for profit businesses. I’ve also worked extensively with[...]

  • 21th Feb
    Office Changes

    In our continued pursuit of reducing costs while improving our working environment.

    We have cancelled our agreement with Can Mezzanine as from the 20th April. We are cancelling our membership at One Alfred Place and we will continue with membership at the English Speaking Union.

    We’ve taken new membership at the Confederation of British Industries at 78 Cannon Street which is inside the station see picture.


    This will be a saving of[...]

  • 21th Feb

    Most of us have a good understanding of the vital role trustees perform in shaping, steering and regulating the 194,00 plus charities in the UK.  However, did you know that up to 75% of trustees leave at the end of their first term in office, according to research from The Trustee Fellowship (charityleaders.or.uk).  It surprised me and begs the question… WHAT IS GOING ON?


    We can all come up with reasons why this is happening. It is too easy to point a finger at things we cannot control such as political, social and[...]

  • 20th Feb
    Dear Colleagues

    We are already 6 weeks into the new financial year and 6 weeks since I became Managing Director and what a whirl of activity has been created. The new leadership team has been nearly finalised and they will be presenting the 2017 revised budget and business plan to the board on the 27th February once agreed it will be circulated to all the chairs, coaches and investors.

    We are looking for a big increase in membership and would be grateful if you all could look to recommend at least one new member.

    We hope you[...]

  • 02th Feb
    What are you today?

    By Robert Ashton

    When I started my career in the 1970s there was a clear difference between business and charity. The former was a quest for profit any at any price and the latter, well they were often inspired by prophets and abhorred the notion of profit!

    Today, sector boundaries are becoming increasingly blurred. I’m Patron of my local Relate and they earn more than they receive in grants. Any profit made from those who can afford to pay for counselling is used to fund support for those unable to pay. It makes for a[...]

  • 15th Nov
    ella Message from Brian Chernett

    I am writing this note two days after the extraordinary result in the American presidential election. We at ella always strive to learn from the events that happen in our lives and I have been putting my mind to how we can take that learning to better our own lives and work in these unexpected circumstances.

    We are, of course, aware of two marked similarities between the UK referendum and the USA presidential elections:

    We cannot trust the pollster results. Prediction is very difficult if not impossible. The uprising came from people who do not want[...]

  • 28th Jul
    ella forums Sponsors Largest Third Sector Conference in Cambridge this September

    trading_aces_web_graphicWe are delighted to announce that ella is supporting the largest Third sector event Trading Aces! The event will take place in Cambridge at the Anglia Ruskin University on Wednesday 7 September 2016.  Directions


    Hosted by 3rd Sector Futures and Social Enterprise East of England, the event will feature workshops on social value, leadership, social media, sales and more.


  • 28th Jul
    Notice to All Members – Grant Opportunity

    Big_Potential_Logo_PINK_webhomepageOur very own Development Director for the North, Steve Taylor-Smith, is instrumental in supporting Third Sector organisations through the Big Potential journey on a national basis.

    Big Potential is a grant fund available to Third Sector organisations that wish to explore the concept and opportunities associated with social finance.  Successful applicants can secure up to £70,000 worth of grant income (non-repayable) to aid their progress towards sustainability through socially-focused service delivery.  The grant is to be spent on sourcing suitably qualified professionals that help review and[...]

  • 28th Jul
    Charity Leadership Post-Brexit… Collaboration & Positivity Are Key

    brexitA personal view by Brian Chernett, Joint Chairman and Co Founder, ella forums

    In our last newsletter we urged our Members to remain positive. Only a month on from the referendum we have seen organisations such as NCVO, Kingston Smith and NPC write blogs on the topic. It has been fascinating to read the advice and feedback now being considered in light of the decision to Leave.


  • 26th Jul
    New ella Groups Launching in Northern England and for Start-Up Organisations

    ella Logo High Resella forums are delighted to announce that we have recently launched a new group in the City of Leeds, West Yorkshire. This precedes further growth in the North with new groups planned to open in Derby, Leicester and Nottingham by January 2017.

    We are also currently in the process of developing a new approach to engendering growth in the third sector; this is through the creation of groups specifically for start-up and pre start-up organisations and[...]

  • 27th Jun
    ella chosen by Lloyds Bank Foundation for Leadership Provision

    Lloyds Foundation 359x258We are absolutely delighted to have been awarded the opportunity to open groups across the country in partnership with the Lloyds Bank Foundation. This news comes following the success of the pilot scheme that we have been running with the Foundation over the past 6 months. Lloyds Bank Foundation Grant beneficiary charities in Birmingham, Cardiff and Bristol were given the chance to send their CEO to an ella group in their area as part of a 6[...]

  • 27th Jun
    SPOTLIGHT ON… ella London Group 7

    les broude (97x150)Les Broude Chairs the ella London Group 7 which has a unique mix of 50/50 members from both the charitable and corporate sectors. The group has been running for two years and meets at members premises across West London.

    Les is a Chartered Accountant by background with an extensive knowledge of finance and general management through international roles in the Mars Group and senior executive roles with Barclays Bank. He is currently a Non-Executive Director and Audit Committee Chair for the Bucks Healthcare NHS[...]

  • 27th Jun
    August All Group Meeting… New Format Announced

    IMG_1582All ella Members across the country are invited to join our All Group Meeting on the 10th August. The venue for the meeting is Stevenage Leisure Centre in Hertfordshire and we would like to say a big thank you to Ian Morton, Managing Directer of Stevenage Leisure Limited and ella Member for kindly allowing us to host this meeting at their premises. Following feedback from our April All Group Meeting, we are going to be delivering a new[...]

  • 27th Jun
    Central Team Updates from the CEO

    Firstly, I would like to share a very big thank you to Ellie Pendred who is moving on to pastures new working with the JLGB as their Director of Communications.

    Ellie has been a great force for getting ella’s message, brand and marketing kick started and in order whilst we have been going through our growth spurt these past 12 months. Ellie will continue to edit our monthly newsletter and will also continue to Chair her London Emerging[...]

  • 27th Jun
    ella Member Testimonial… Lara Bundock, Snowdrop Project

    Ella-J968-3 ella Group No. 5 Cinnamon

    Name: Lara Bundock

    Job Title: CEO & Founder

    Twitter Handle: @snowdropproject


  • 27th Jun
    A Response To The Dramatic EU Referendum Vote To Leave The European Union


    A personal view from our Founder and Chairman Brian Chernett.

    Prior to the actual vote and having read and listened to many hours of this unique debate I decided that I would vote remain. I expressed my view wherever I went, finding a huge amount of support and was therefore surprised with the result.

    My reasoning for deciding to vote REMAIN was a reluctant one in part as I, like many, disliked the way the commission operated.[...]

  • 27th May
    Success for new ella Group for Leaders of Multi Academy Trusts

    ella MAT Logo RGB (150x55)We are delighted that a new venture for ella, a group designed to bring leaders of Multi Academy Trusts together, has taken off. The first meeting was held on the 3rd May at Kingston Smith’s Devonshire House in London. International speaker and friend of ella, Mark Fritz gave a fantastic talk on his topic ‘Get Your People to Own It’.


  • 27th May
    Winners announced from our Prize Draw!

    downloadWe would like to thank everyone who completed our feedback questionnaire following the All Group Meeting. We asked members to tell us how they found the day, what they had learnt and what ella can do to improve.  We so value the time that you took to give us this crucial insight into how we can improve ella for the benefit of all our members that we put all respondents into a random prize draw and the first five names to be drawn have won a[...]

  • 27th May
    New ella groups launch in Leeds, Brentford and Hertfordshire

    Ella-J958-20It has been a busy month for ella with the launch of three new groups across the UK. On May 26th Steve Taylor Smith, our Director of Business Growth in the North and current Chair of the ella Merseyside group, held a fantastic first meeting in Leeds at the Enterprise Foundation. He was delighted to be joined by many local voluntary sector organisations who took part in Ken Allison’s workshop on Employment Law.


  • 25th May
    SPOTLIGHT ON… ella London Group 22

    ben leon 0315 (200x172)Ben Leon Chairs the ella London Group 22. The group was launched at the end of 2015 and meet monthly in Central London.  Ben is the founder of Bravo Lima and has a track record of growing businesses and leaders across challenging international environments. He joined the British Airways Grad Program and soon found himself Duty Manager at Heathrow T1, merging two French airlines, and launching e-ticket globally. He has since had the privilege of launching, growing,[...]