Are you a
Business Leader?

  • Imagine feeling supported by people who understand
  • Hear inspiring ideas to help you grow your business
  • Secure space to think about solutions
  • Support leaders of charities to achieve more
  • Learn how to make staff as committed as volunteers
  • See how others might approach your problems


Are you a
Charity Leader?

  • Imagine a network of people who know how you feel
  • Hear inspiring ideas to help you build the impact of your charity
  • See how others find solutions
  • Secure space to unpick your problems
  • Learn how business leaders make more from less
  • Support leaders of businesses to achieve more
  • Recognise your charity is a business and work with business specialists to add value

ella forums Meetings

ella forums, designed by the founders of the Academy for Chief Executives, is a unique leadership development programme specifically tailored to inspire you and develop you as leader of your business, charity or social enterprise to grow your organisation.

Imagine Chief Executives coming together for monthly sessions to hear the latest thinking from guest speakers, see and share best practice, and receive coaching from experts. It’s all done via tried and tested, personal development methods that have been used by CEOs and Senior Managers in the commercial sector for years.

Our members describe:

  • Increased understanding of leadership
  • Reduction in stress and isolation
  • Improved networks
  • Increased confidence to take action
  • An increase in self esteem and well being
  • Improved communication skills and relationships
  • Increased visibility as a leader in the field
  • Enhanced career opportunities


Organisations experience:

  • Positive organisational culture changes
  • Better leadership and governance
  • Better motivated staff
  • Better strategic focus on the organisation
  • Reduced time spent on management issues and firefighting
  • Time efficiencies through improved relationships
  • Increase in organisational profile processes leads to improved funding/income