How ella forums work

Monthly meeting

Members from the same area come together for a session dedicated to give each individual the tools and support they need to help their organisation develop and grow. The session is run in two parts. In the first part, the Chair introduces an expert speaker who will talk about their field and how it is relevant to the member’s issues. In the second part, the group discuss any issues they may be facing in a confidential and non-judgemental environment. It helps members resolve problems, which they may feel are not appropriate to discuss in a normal working environment.

One-to-one coaching

You will receive valuable time with the Chair or someone chosen by the Chair, with the right skills and knowledge to work with you to address issues and support progress.


We continually measure the value that each leader and their organisation receive as being a part of ella forums. There are monthly evaluations as well as an annual Social Value Report that you can use to demonstrate impact and a social return on investment.


Tried and tested leadership development methods

ella forums were set up by Brian Chernett the Founder of The Academy for Chief Executives Limited, which for 18 years has helped thousands of CEOs achieve measurable results for their organisations.

The learning method is based on a holistic approach where you learn from experts, learn from each other (peer-to-peer session) and then receive more personal, one-on-one support from a coach. These tried and tested methods that worked for leaders in the commercial sector have been adapted to inspire leaders in the not for profit sector.

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