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A library of thought leadership dedicated to the needs of Charities and Social Enterprises

What you will find here

This provides a range of thought leadership content – – from papers to presentations – – that the Members of ella forums find useful, including:

Top Presentations

Primarily PowerPoint presentations on key areas of learning. Many of these slide shows were produced as part of the knowledge sharing session at an ella forum.

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Top Papers

There are a number of papers published across the internet that cover areas that are important to leaders of Charities and Social Enterprises. You can find these by searching the internet on your own.

We thought it would be useful to collect the most relevant papers in one place.

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Top expert Speaker Sessions

Here you’ll find videos of actual, expert speaker sessions from ella forums. Nothing replaces being in the room for an interactive session. These full-length videos come close. You will see the quality of speakers and their content in situ.

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All of this content has been donated by our generous Partners (thank you) who are happy to share it with all of you.