Papers that Members of ella Forums have found useful.

Name: Potential Growth Coach Guide

Description: Guidance notes about GrowthAccelerator, the qualities we look for in potential Growth Coaches, the recruitment and selection process for Growth Coaches, and what to do next.

(pdf) Potential_Growth_Coach_Guide

Name: Why Social Enterprise?

Description: The guide explains where charities can trade without structural change and where they will need to set up trading companies. It acknowledges that some charities may find it hard to make the change from grant funding to running a business, selling services or products at a profit and advises them to have a robust business plan in place.

Content: (pdf) Why_Social_Enterprise

Name: The Future of Social Value

Description: The Public Services (Social Value) Act has now been in operation for a year. This report looks at the challenges of implementation so far and gives recommendations for the continued success of the act.

(pdf) thefutureofsocialvalue1.pdf

Name: Social enterprise governance.  Making the boat go faster.

Description: Report by Rockpool Research Associates that looks at the differences in governance between charities, social enterprises and for profit businesses.  Includes quotes from research survey as well key references from relevant published material.

Content: (pdf) social_enterprise_governance_research_aug2013.pdf