Age 21, working at Tesco, I found myself as General Manager overseeing 180 staff.

I was given a leadership role at such a young age for one reason – I had received the most wonderful and comprehensive 1:1 training which equipped me with every technique in the retail trade… and very quickly taught me the value of experiential learning.

My 30 years in the retail industry included a significant spell at the Landmark Group (one of the largest wholesaler buying groups in the UK), where I gained vital experience being responsible for wine importing.

Along the way I’ve keenly explored other industries, chairing the prestigious Champagne Academy in 1992 [ and speak professionally on champagne] as well as being a mentor at the Prince’s Trust. Until recently I was also chair of the board of governors at Buckinghamshire’s largest secondary school.

But for the last five years, I have been MD at The Academy for Chief Executives.

Its is from the Academy that The Ella-Foundation has emerged. Having successfully worked with CEO’s from the commercial sector the Ella Foundation purpose is to provide the same leadership learning to leaders of charities.

Ella gives members the greatest experience ’ by offering peer group learning and 1:1 monthly mentoring.What’s so brilliant about the experience [and in my opinion priceless] is that members get:

*SKILLS – access to leaders with a cross-section of experience – effectively like having 11 non-exec directors on the payroll

*CONFIDENCE – a certain reassurance comes from getting buy-in on professional and personal issues from a highly skilled peer group

*TRUTH – no one’s competing and no one has an agenda so you can trust the unbiased, rich advice you’ll receive. How often is that the case in life?

If you lead a charity then get a taste for how it works, join us as our guest at a meeting.

Specialties: Business Coach, Business Advisor, Peer Group Training, Experiential Business Learning, Experiential Business Leadership, Mentoring, Coaching, Facilitation, Education


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