Rupert Honywood, MD

Since joining one of the Ella groups I have developed a greater sense of social purpose and how as an MD I can be supportive to others. One of the other major benefits has been the connection with like-minded MD’s of other small organisations whether they are in the charity or commercial sector-it’s like “tapping into the wisdom of the people in the room”.

Being part of a small supportive group has been a humbling experience as you discover the types of challenges others face and the steps they have taken to overcome them.
From a business point of view the mentoring I have received from my contact with Ella has led me to create a new business venture which has been a great success and I now employ 4 staff in the UK and 13 in the Philippines.


Lorrain Gailey, CEO

One of the most powerful moments for me was a particular session when the Group elected to look at my particular topic. As a result of the discussions and hearing what I was saying reflected back to me by a number of the Group members, I realised that I had tackled it in completely the wrong way. It would have taken me much, much longer to have achieved the same goal.


Simon Ross, CEO

You don’t get better by sitting and thinking about it. And actually, you probably don’t have time to go on lots of courses or to read lots of books. If you can get some mentoring, some top level presentations across relevant subjects and some peer-to-peer sharing of your issues in an open and non judgemental way, I think it would really improve your performance and it’s worth giving it a try.


Ellie Pendred

I recommend ella – – without hesitation – – to other charities, to other CEOs and also to other people within organizations who are hoping to head in the CEO direction.


Shelley Marsh, Exec. Director

It’s been essential for looking at governance structures of other charities and meeting with a much wider network of professionals in the Third Sector.